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  Evolution Webinar Series: High Precision Timing 

Addressing the Challenges of Complex Timing Systems

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Welcome to the next installment of the Evolution Webinar Series hosted by Berkeley Nucleonics. This time we are joined by industry expert Dr. Dominique Monnier-Bourdin from Greenfield Technology as we explore the world of High Precision Timing. 

This webinar will guide users through the essential elements of high precision timing and will conclude with an example of a complex, large area timing system.  

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The reasoning and role that high performance specifications play in complex, mission-critical, timing applications 

  • How technology developed for the large-scale, high-power projects of National Labs can be applied to smaller systems  
  • Expanding the capabilities of existing projects to overcome the hazards posed by distance, electrical noise, and Father Time

  • Synchronization and triggering techniques that are used in world-class laser platforms. 

Dr. Dominique Monnier-Bourdin 

Thought Leader and Industry Expert

Dr. Dominique Monnier-Bourdin graduated from Enseeiht (Toulouse), France and received his Ph.D from University of Paris. He is a veteran of the timing industry, who has been working on optical and electronic systems, including fast transient digitizer, streak camera, ultrafast diagnostics, and timing system for over 30 years. He found Greenfield Technology with Bernard Riondet and Philippe Hours in 2001.  

Dr. Steve Hocquet 

Industry Expert and Guest Speaker  

Dr. Steve Hocquet graduated from Institut D’optique in Palaiseau, France and received his Ph.D from Telecom Paris. He is a veteran of the timing industry, who has been working on optical and electronic systems, including phase and amplitude modulation, petawatt optics, ultrafast diagnostics, and timing system for over 10 years. Since 2014, Dr. Hocquet has overseen the Laser MegaJoule Timing System at Greenfield Technology and serves as the head of development for new electro-optical products.  


Mark Slattery

Application Manager 

Mark Slattery is an Applications Manager at BNC since August 2008. He has over 30 years of experience in the field, having been an Electronics Technician, Applications Engineer, Product Training Specialist, and Customer Service and Technical Support Manager in Motion Control, Industrial Machines, and Nuclear Test and Measurement. In every aspect of the job he undertakes, Mark brings a strong track record and ethic for premiere customer service and technical communication.

Examples of High Performance Hardware 

Model 745T Digital Delay Generator

  • Four high resolution delay channels 1 ps resolution < 25 ps rms jitter > 20 second delay range
  • Option: Four auxiliary delay channels
  • Compact packaging
  • All parameters may be controlled via front panel, Ethernet or Internet
  • OEM package available for integration into larger systems

Model 745T-20C Digital Delay Generator

  • 20 independent delay Channels 100 ps resolution 25 ps rms jitter 
  • 10 second range 
  • Output pulse up to 6 V/50 
  • External Clocking up to 100 MHz
  • 50 Ohms
  • 1ps resolution

GFT3001 Master Oscillator Transmitter

  • Provides synchronization for up to 256 delay generators  
  • 15 ps rms jitter  
  • Distance between equipment: up to 1 Km  
  • Interconnection: optical fiber

GFT 1004 4-Channel 1pS Digital Delay Generator

  • Four / eight / ten Independent Delay Channels < 1 ps delay resolution < 15 ps rms jitter  
  • Maximum Delay of 10 Seconds  
  • Rack 19", 1U,  
  • Scaleable to 100's of Channels

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